Free Class Resources I Use 


I have complied a list of class resources that my friends and I use: 

  1. Digital History is an online textbook that can be used in place of any textbook for any class. I am currently using it for my U.S. History II class by my professor’s wishes. 
  2. Chegg is a great place to buy or rent textbooks (or ebooks) at a very low cost. I have never seen textbooks that cost that little! They also have online tutoring, test prep, internship resources, and college information. Everybody I know that rents or buys from Chegg loves it. 
  3. Wolfram|Alpha is a super calculator that will tell you how to solve the question you typed, as well as the answer. 
  4. Mathway is another super calculator that gives you the answer to any problem, complex or simple. It’s only downfall is not telling you how to solve the problem. 
  5. Unigo is an amazing place. You can find millions of scholarships, research colleges, find jobs and internships, as well as sell/buy textbooks. 
  6. Khan Academy has thorough math, science, and SAT prep videos and practice problems. 
  7. Crash Course with Hank and John Green teaches economics, politics, science, and history. 
  8. Quizlet is great because you can make and share your own set of flashcards, and also look at any other ones made. 
  9. Grammarly
  10. Slader has textbook answers. (Although, some pages have missing problems) 
  12. Biology Forums has answers to all of the weird biology questions you don’t want to ask in class. 
  13. Google Drive is a cloud storage website that beats carrying around a flash drive you may loose. It holds all of your (Google) spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and videos. 

If you have any, comment them and I’ll add! 

~ Jaedyn 

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