What to do When You Can’t Possibly Take Anymore Stress 

  Warning: some profanity is used 

You know- when everybody and everything starts to piss you off. When all you want to do is lay down and sleep but your to-do list stares at you from across the room. 


When you feel overwhelmed, disgusting, stressed, and irritable beyond belief, here are some things you can actually do: 

  1. Seriously, if you need to cry just do it and get it over with. 
  2. Go to that one special person that you can talk to about anything and vent your heart out
  3. Temporarily deactivate your social media so you don’t have to deal with the nagging losers and group message drama.  
  4. Let people know that you’re stressed and need some time away, which means: don’t go to every social event, use your phone as little as possible, and don’t be drawn into drama. Just make sure you let people know (especially your parents and close friends) so it doesn’t cause something to make you more stressed out. 
  5. Watch those live-stream cat videos like Too Cute from Animal Planet
  6. Squeeze a long ass nap into your schedule because sleep deprivation is a very bad thing. 
  7. Read a book and immerse yourself in it so you temporarily forget about what’s stressing you out. 
  8. Cuddle something, really anything. Your boyfriend, friend, pillow, teddy bear, floor. 
  9. Do something artistic you enjoy such as painting, writing, drawing, making DIY crafts, etc. (I linked my Art board on Pinterest, which is filled with great painting and drawing inspiration). 
  10. If you play an instrument, make time for that. I play the piano! 
  11. Do something nice for somebody else because making someone happy should make you happy. If not, you’re a sadistic human being. 
  12. Work out because kicking ass on the elliptical is safer and more legal than kicking the actual human ass of your stressors. It lets off so much steam and nervous energy. (I reccomend water aerobics as well, especially if you’re not aggressive). 
  13. Scream and punch your ugly dorm bed if need be. 
  14. Listen to carefree music. 
  15. Take a long bath and mindlessly stare at bottles of soap and play with the bubbles. 
  16. Open your window, sit on your bed, close your eyes, and breath. 
  17. If you are allowed to, take time off of work to relax and do something enjoyable. 
  18. Climb a tree. It’s my go-to thing to do when I’m stressed. 
  19. Write about it. 
  20. If you’re like me, organizing will make you feel better because it gives you control over something 
  21. Have a girl’s night 
  22. Go on a date 
  23. Visit your parents 

I’ll be adding more to this list, but for now, here you go! 


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