I’m a Size WHAT?

Over the past year and a half, I've gone through a significant bra size change that would've rocked 13-year-old me's world. Personally, this dilemma started for me when I was a 32C. My bras started getting very tight and my immediate thought was, "Oh it must be because I'm gaining weight. Maybe I'm just a … Continue reading I’m a Size WHAT?

Can I Clean My Beauty Blender in the Microwave?

So there's this trend going around where beauty gurus are putting their makeup sponges in a cup of soapy water and microwaving it for 1 minute to clean it. I'm here to put my beloved beauty blender on the line to prove if this works or not with a science experiment. The first time I … Continue reading Can I Clean My Beauty Blender in the Microwave?

Trying a New Overnight Hair Mask!

I got my hair cut a little too short for comfort, so I've been trying to find actual ways to help my hair grow. One thing that I see everywhere are hair masks (made with breakfast foods lol). Since there are so many around the web, I made my own that's a mixture of some highly … Continue reading Trying a New Overnight Hair Mask!

Finally Found: Cheap, Miracle Eczema Cream–Yiganerjing

I've had eczema since I was born and very few things subdue or get rid of it. One of my best friend's mom gave me a "Chinese cream" or Yiganerjing. Turns out it's suuuuper cheap; Here's a Link to Amazon where a tube is $3.34 with Free Shipping! >> Yiganerjing on Amazon. There are affiliate … Continue reading Finally Found: Cheap, Miracle Eczema Cream–Yiganerjing

Coffee-Coconut Oil Scrub for Cellulite and Exfoliation 

This is so simple it's ridiculous. Simply mix together 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part coffee. So, if you mix 2 cups of coconut oil and 1 cup of coffee, it'll do the trick! I use Thrive Market's coconut oil and used Keurig coffee grounds!

My First “Treat Yo Self” + Makeup Reviews! 

Hey friends, Since I recently received my first paycheck, I decided to spoil myself a little because, well, I deserve it! And so do you- so here's a little inspiration based off of what I did! First stop: Dillard's MAC counter I bought: MAC satin lipstick in the color "Spirit" | $17   MAC lip-liner … Continue reading My First “Treat Yo Self” + Makeup Reviews! 

Wake up with Cute, Voluminous Curls 

Hey guys, Today I am going to show you one way I get beautiful curls. First, take a shower. Secondly, when your hair is still damp, finger-comb As I Am "Curling Jelly" (or another curling product) into your hair: For the third step, take small sections of your hair and twirl it, then twist it around itself so … Continue reading Wake up with Cute, Voluminous Curls 

Things Your Brother May Have That You Should Borrow

My little brother has great... I guess... "guy beauty supplies"? I personally love how guy products smell and would rather use them over "girly smelling" products any day- I guess it's preference. In this post I'll be sharing with you a few things that my brother has that are definitely worth buying. (This is not a sponsored … Continue reading Things Your Brother May Have That You Should Borrow

Coming Soon: Jaedyn’s Handmade Cosmetics

Pretty soon I will be launching my own line of handmade beauty products (I'm not giving specifics- you'll have to go see!) on the popular site Etsy. They will be organic, well-made, and inexpensive. I will have the products listed and they will be made to order. Custom orders are welcome! Once I have my … Continue reading Coming Soon: Jaedyn’s Handmade Cosmetics

Turmeric Face Mask Review

3 words: Turmeric Face Mask It. Is. AMAZING! The key ingredient in the mask is a plant called turmeric- something that may be hiding in your spice cabinet. This mask is great for getting rid of acne, eczema, redness in the skin, and wrinkles. It works as an all-around soother due to its antioxidant qualities. … Continue reading Turmeric Face Mask Review