15 Gifts for the Star Wars Obsessed

15 Gifts for the Star Wars Obsessed

"Jar Jar" (Stocking Stuffers) "Little Ani" (Small Gifts) "Yoda" (One Big Gift on a Small Budget) "Luke" (I Really Like This Star Wars Freak)

“Oh no!” I forgot to get them a present!

“Oh no!” I forgot to get them a present!

I'm pretty dang sure I covered everybody! ORDER: Mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, person you don't care about but have to get them a present anyways to conform to social norms, boyfriend, girlfriend, teachers, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandpa, grandma, secret santa, and pets. Also, sorry I haven't posted. I'm taking 18 credit hours this semester!

6 Cuter Alternatives to Keeping your Overhead Light on

I hate the dark. I hate not seeing my surroundings. These are cute, non-embarrassing ways to always keep the light on. A constellation projector Glow in the dark wall decals   Glow in the dark objects  Good old fashioned night light  Christmas lights  Character lamp

10 Easy Things that will Make Somebody Feel Appreciated

Make Them a DJ Khaled Style Compliment Letter  Buy Them Their Favorite Drink on your Next Solo Coffee Run   Write a Note or a Letter Telling Them Why you Appreciate Them     I attached this to my boyfriend's favorite drink from Starbucks (#2 and #3 combined!) Ask them if they need anything at the store (it says, [...]

8 Fresh Ideas on What to Get Your Boyfriend for His Birthday!

Uh-oh, it's that time of the year again, and you feel like you've done everything before. Well guess what. You haven't. Basic clothing items from Forever 21 Men. XXI's men's line has cheap, fashionable basics for your man's closet. Classic V-Neck Tees are $3.90, Classic Cotton Tanks are $3.90, etc.  Printed photos of you framed. If you join [...]

Sweet & Simple Family Valentines 

 Valentine's Day is not just about your significant other, but rather about everybody that you love, including your family.  Today I am sharing the Valentines I made this year for my family.  I printed (free)  prints from We Lived Happily Ever After and customized them with my own personal message.      It's sweet & simple.  [...]

Valentine’s For Your Single Girls! 

 We all have friends that get bummed out on Valentine's Day because they don't have a significant other. Well, this year you can make their day by giving them this yummy and super easy Valentine! I'll show you how I made 3. You'll need: A piece of construction paper A marker Clear tape Sissors French [...]