I’m a Size WHAT?

I’m a Size WHAT?

Over the past year and a half, I've gone through a significant bra size change that would've rocked 13-year-old me's world. Personally, this dilemma started for me when I was a 32C. My bras started getting very tight and my immediate thought was, "Oh it must be because I'm gaining weight. Maybe I'm just a [...]

How to Keep Your Shoes Looking Fresh and Clean Forever! 

Buy leather balsam because it is an absolute God send! My Sperry's look brand new because of this. Just rub it on scuffs, dirt, water stains, etc and they come right off! I got mine for $8 at Journey's, and I was skeptical and probably wouldn't have bought it if I didn't have a gift card, [...]

10 Valentine’s Day Outfits! 

  Love is in the air and for those who want to make it a fashion statement, these outfit ideas are for you!  Lipstick print sweater and matching pink kitten heels  (kissmedarling)   A flirty pink dress with white heels  (Be Modish)   A shirt with hearts on it  (rstyle.me) A "be mine" sweater and heart shaped purse   (no source was [...]

10 Ways to Style White Converse

This is the first post in my new 10 Ways to Style Series! The series consists of posts featuring an item and ten ways to wear it. Without further-ado:    As part of an all white outfit As a part of a half-white half-black outfit Match your shoes to your handbag and your scarf Wear [...]