Actually Sticking to your New Years Resolution of Working Out

It's the same old bs every single year--"Yeah, I'm gonna start going to the gym more." And the gym finally evens out to it's normal count by February.

Eczema Sucks– 5 Easy Solutions

I've been STRUGGLING with disgusting, splotchy patches on my arms, legs, neck, face, EVERYWHERE, etc. since birth. I'm going to list and explain methods that have worked for me. As you all know, I'm broke, so of course they should be in your price range.

6 Sunburn Remedies 

Usually I don't burn when I get sun (thank you genetics) but every once in a while (like yesterday when I spent like literally 5 hours at the pool) I'll burn a bit. My baby sis' on the other hand, BURNS like a redhead. These remedies are some things I have used on us recently…

3 Ways to Detach Yourself from Coffee and Drink it Less Frequently

Hello, my name is Jaedyn and I am addicted to coffee- but  I am currently on the track to be coffee-free! I know this is a huge problem in college, so I'm sharing with you my way to kick the habit once and for all. My Recommended Method: Replace the caffeine with something else such as "Awake" Caffeinated…