Facing 21

I turn 21 years old in a handful of days. I've been dreaming about it almost every night and thinking about it every day. Coincided? A little. I am a Leo for crying out loud. But honestly, it's mostly worry... or amazement. On one hand, I'm worried about what the future of the beginning of [...]

Astrological Thumbprints

‘Astrological Thumbprints’ is the term I coined to describe a person’s unique, personal sky map. By using your date, location, and exact time of birth I am able to pull your natal chart and carefully create an interpretation for you! By filling out the form below and making a payment for which interpretation you want, [...]

Spring 2019 Semester Vent: Panic Attacks and Other Drama

Spring 2019 Semester Vent: Panic Attacks and Other Drama

Everybody: "no jaedyn" 

Me: *loses hearing and judgement*   

The End of A Chapter

There were 2 lines in this that struck me HARD. Wow. So impressed.


The Bayou Farm Adventure chapter is officially closed. I actually signed the sale a few weeks ago. It just took a long time to sink in that it’s not mine any more. And that I won’t likely ever realize all those dreams I had attached so thoroughly to the most beautiful piece of land I will likely ever be able to call all mine. I have faith one day all of this will hurt less. But, alas, that day remains elusive. And while I am grateful for al the ways God showed up for Us in those moments & I am enjoying the twists & turns Life has surprised me with, there is just something so unsettling about being ripped- mid dream- from a Life you are enjoying so very much- and being thrown into a another Life, nothing like the one you worked so hard to create. It does…

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Introducing: Natural Essentials

Introducing: Natural Essentials

justgiada.com/shop Morning guys! I'm wicked pumped to finally start this business I've been working on for a while now. My brand, Natural Essentials, is dedicated to creating natural products so you can look fabulous without all of the icky commercial ingredients. All of my products are handmade by me in the U.S. I do offer international shipping, [...]

My New October Workout + Playlist

My New October Workout + Playlist

My New October Workout + Playlist
Sorry I've been gone for so long-- school is nuts lately!

You are 2 Lists Away from a Comfortable Room

You are 2 Lists Away from a Comfortable Room

You are only 2 lists away from a comfortable room. Use my tried-and-true method to make your room a comfy getaway!

How to Study for a Comprehensive Final when you Didn’t Understand the Material All Semester

5 steps. The only prerequisites are dedication and motivation. First things first- you have to get a tutor. If you've had a tutor all semester and you're still failing, it's time to try a new one, or add another. If you don't have time to put it on your schedule, do walk-ins. Second- go to [...]

What to do When You Can’t Possibly Take Anymore Stress 

  Warning: some profanity is used  You know- when everybody and everything starts to piss you off. When all you want to do is lay down and sleep but your to-do list stares at you from across the room.  Exhaustion.  When you feel overwhelmed, disgusting, stressed, and irritable beyond belief, here are some things you can actually do:  [...]

Free Class Resources I Use 

   I have complied a list of class resources that my friends and I use:  Digital History is an online textbook that can be used in place of any textbook for any class. I am currently using it for my U.S. History II class by my professor's wishes.  Chegg is a great place to buy or [...]