dōTERRA Yoga Collection Review

"The body achieves what the mind believes."

Actually Sticking to your New Years Resolution of Working Out

It's the same old bs every single year--"Yeah, I'm gonna start going to the gym more." And the gym finally evens out to it's normal count by February.

My Simple Go-To Yoga Flow

~The Jaedyn Flow~  Repeat as many times as needed! Palms together  Arms up and over your head to your sides  Forward fold modified Forward fold Downward dog Cobra  Child's pose  (None of these pictures are mine)

Why Yoga?

Namaste, friends! Why yoga? Well, simply put: Yoga gives you physical health benefits: Flexibility Strength throughout your whole body Better posture Drops your blood pressure (If you want a complete list of the health benefits of yoga, check out this website!) As well as mental health benefits: Tames the stress response (I for one know … Continue reading Why Yoga?