My First Day Using C25K

I've had the C25K app downloaded to my phone for about a week on recommendation from my mom. Just sitting there. Giving me notifications to remind me of how lazy I was being. 

My Simple Go-To Yoga Flow

~The Jaedyn Flow~  Repeat as many times as needed! Palms together  Arms up and over your head to your sides  Forward fold modified Forward fold Downward dog Cobra  Child's pose  (None of these pictures are mine)

My Current Workout 

I love my current workout because it's a decent amount but it doesn't kill me to do (so I'll actually do it) AND it's reeeeallllyy effective. I have a list I go through that I repeat a total of 4 times, including short breaks. This workout strengthens and tones your core. I follow my list … Continue reading My Current Workout 

Ways I Keep Myself From Breaking Down (Even in the Worst Situations)

First off , I'm not going to go on some monotonous rant about positivity that you've read/heard 8,000,000 times. I know how difficult it is to stay positive when you feel completely, utterly, indescribably horrible. I personally struggle with depression and a roller-coaster of a life so trust me- I understand, and these are some things … Continue reading Ways I Keep Myself From Breaking Down (Even in the Worst Situations)

Simple Healthy Switches To Make 

Switch soda, coffee, or anything else for water When I crave coffee or soda, I pour a tall glass of water and drink every last drop. It quenches my thirst while hydrating me and not staining my teeth. Add lemon to your water Lemon is great for washing toxins out of your body, and so … Continue reading Simple Healthy Switches To Make