New Years Resolutions 2019

Hey everyone! 2018 was a pretty rough, self-deprecating year for me. 2019 looks like a beacon of hope to me right now-- an out, a start-over, a refresh button. My goals, at the root, attempt to remedy problems I don't mean to create because of my anxiety and fear. In 2018 I unintentionally let myself … Continue reading New Years Resolutions 2019

Setting F’ing SMART Locke Goals

Setting f'ing smart goals sounds so much more empowering than setting measly smart goals. Why be smart when you could be f'ing smart?

Simple Healthy Switches To Make 

Switch soda, coffee, or anything else for water When I crave coffee or soda, I pour a tall glass of water and drink every last drop. It quenches my thirst while hydrating me and not staining my teeth. Add lemon to your water Lemon is great for washing toxins out of your body, and so … Continue reading Simple Healthy Switches To Make 

2016 Goals 

Why "goals"? Because "resolutions" don't work. They have a silent stigma around them that makes you think you only have to do them for a short amount of time. If you have a goal, that suggests that you must complete it. For example: "My New Years resolution is to go to the gym." People who … Continue reading 2016 Goals 

The 4 Cutest and Least Expensive 2016 Planners 

2016 is approaching, and that calls for a new planner! Planners are especially great for highschoolers and college-goers. If I didn't have a planner I would be screwed- I have such a busy lifestyle that it's hard to keep everything in the back of my mind. Take the weight off of your shoulder in 2016 … Continue reading The 4 Cutest and Least Expensive 2016 Planners