Review of Netflix’s “Iron Fist” w GIFs

The fist and mark looked great, and despite everyone's b*tching, I liked the fight scenes a lot.

Shows for Psychology Lovers

As a psych major I love learning new things about psychology or seeing interpretations of mental illness that aren't cheesy classroom videos. Mental health tends to be on display in the media, especially TV shows. I've put together a list of shows that personally remind me of psychology. The United States of Tara Tara has dissociative identity disorder; known…

Relieve Anxiety: Don’t Forget These First-Day Essentials!

Uh-oh. School is starting again. Props to to the excited ones *rolls eyes*. I'm sort of kidding, I am excited, but there's some weirdness going on with my classes so I'm not holding my breath.

Day 1: Southeast Texas Paws 4 Love Therapy Animals

Day 1: Southeast Texas Paws 4 Love Therapy Animals

The Weeknd’s Starboy Album

I'm keeping this short and sweet. This is all I've been listening to. Divided into obsessed, I really like, and I don't like. All time favorite: Secrets.

My Advice on ‘Slice the Pie’ to Make Cash 

I have used Slice the Pie since the summer to feed my spending habits while I don't have a job. Despite the seemingly low payout per review, the money adds up quickly. If you want to read my previous article about how I successfully made extra cash at home this summer (without a job) click here! If you're already interested in Slice the Pie and want to sign up, sign up here! These are my tips that I used while reviewing in order to make the most cash possible.