59 Things to do on Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Dinner & a Movie

59 Things to do on Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Dinner & a Movie

Valentine's Day is about celebrating YOUR love, not somebody's idea of what love is or how to show it. How can you express your love to your partner? How can you celebrate your special bond? Here are some ideas if you're stuck on plans for Love Day.

Valentine’s Day Line

Valentine’s Day Line

In the spirit of my favorite holiday I opened a new line on Natural Essentials with 2 special products. 

8 Fresh Ideas on What to Get Your Boyfriend for His Birthday!

Uh-oh, it's that time of the year again, and you feel like you've done everything before. Well guess what. You haven't. Basic clothing items from Forever 21 Men. XXI's men's line has cheap, fashionable basics for your man's closet. Classic V-Neck Tees are $3.90, Classic Cotton Tanks are $3.90, etc.  Printed photos of you framed. If you join [...]

Wake up with Cute, Voluminous Curls 

Hey guys, Today I am going to show you one way I get beautiful curls. First, take a shower. Secondly, when your hair is still damp, finger-comb As I Am "Curling Jelly" (or another curling product) into your hair: For the third step, take small sections of your hair and twirl it, then twist it around itself so [...]

Sweet & Simple Family Valentines 

 Valentine's Day is not just about your significant other, but rather about everybody that you love, including your family.  Today I am sharing the Valentines I made this year for my family.  I printed (free)  prints from We Lived Happily Ever After and customized them with my own personal message.      It's sweet & simple.  [...]

Valentine’s For Your Single Girls! 

 We all have friends that get bummed out on Valentine's Day because they don't have a significant other. Well, this year you can make their day by giving them this yummy and super easy Valentine! I'll show you how I made 3. You'll need: A piece of construction paper A marker Clear tape Sissors French [...]

10 Valentine’s Day Outfits! 

  Love is in the air and for those who want to make it a fashion statement, these outfit ideas are for you!  Lipstick print sweater and matching pink kitten heels  (kissmedarling)   A flirty pink dress with white heels  (Be Modish)   A shirt with hearts on it  (rstyle.me) A "be mine" sweater and heart shaped purse   (no source was [...]