My Simple Go-To Yoga Flow

~The Jaedyn Flow~  Repeat as many times as needed! Palms together  Arms up and over your head to your sides  Forward fold modified Forward fold Downward dog Cobra  Child's pose  (None of these pictures are mine)

My “Mom Cardio” Workout (+Podcasts to Listen to While Working out) 

Since I've been so busy lately, I've been gaining some weight due to my fluctuating eating habits and lack of time to spend at the gym.  So, I've come up with a simple as heck workout that gets me sweating and doesn't bore me to death. My friend Amanda and I hit the gym when … Continue reading My “Mom Cardio” Workout (+Podcasts to Listen to While Working out) 

My Current Workout 

I love my current workout because it's a decent amount but it doesn't kill me to do (so I'll actually do it) AND it's reeeeallllyy effective. I have a list I go through that I repeat a total of 4 times, including short breaks. This workout strengthens and tones your core. I follow my list … Continue reading My Current Workout